In service Worship has resumed. 11:00am each Sunday.

We are continuing to host virtual worship on Facebook and YouTube.

Our pastoral staff and A/V tech team will stream from the sanctuary using a limited number of people. Included are the links below for you to join us online.

Thank you for continuing to be faithful in prayer during this challenging time!

As the C19 numbers continue to rise, we are assessing the situation of in-person worship and masks. At this time, we are not requiring them. However, we are strongly encouraging you to wear them during Sunday gatherings indoors, especially if you are unvaccinated.

Please consider this as me mentally preparing you for what is to come. 🙂
We want to be able to continue meeting in person. If masks will allow us to do this, then we will make that change. It will probably be sooner than later.

Thank you for your willingness to keep us all safe. We look forward to worshipping together in-person and online this Sunday.

Pastor JoAnn Bastien and your Church Board

Pastor JoAnn Bastien and DACC Church Board