Welcome to Devon Aire Community Church!

Our vision is to transform our community with the love of Christ by making the neighborhood church relevant once again. Our journey is ongoing and bigger than us. We hope you will join us on the adventure.


Pastoral Staff & Leadership

Rev. JoAnn Bastien – lead planting pastor     jbastien@dacclivonia.com

Rev. Linda Bynum – family pastor     lbynum@dacclivonia.com

Mrs. Jennifer Noricks – worship leader     jnoricks@dacclivonia.com

Rev. Cori Fouts – youth pastor   cfouts@dacclivonia.com

Church Board

Ms. Janet Bellgraph – board treasurer     treasurer@dacclivonia.com

Mr. Jeff Noricks – finance secretary & Bible teacher

Mr. Michael Bastien – steward

Ms. Jennifer Jones – steward

Ms. Kendra Rose – NYI President (teens)

Mr. Sam Habusta – trustee

Contact Church or Board members at office@dacclivonia.com