He Guides Me


He renews my strength.He guides me along right paths,bringing honor to his name.
Psalm 23:3

A friend recently shared about a decision he had to make. He wondered if I thought he made the right decision. I could have given my opinion, but it would have been, well, my opinion.

We all need direction in life. We face decisions large and small on a daily basis. Most of us make choices without ever giving them much thought. It’s the big decisions that are life altering that cause us to stop and consider the possible outcomes. Do we have children now or wait? Do I take this job or that one? Do we move to another city? Should be go camping or skiing? So many things to consider.

God did not design us to make these decisions on our own. He has always desired to guide us along the path of life. He is able to see into the future in a way that we could only speculate. So God is there waiting for us to ask Him to guide us.

God is waiting to guide us, but He also desires to lead us down paths that are right and good. He has plans that would prosper us, shape us, and give us purpose. So often the choices we make are more about prosperity than purpose. But God says we can have both.

These paths He leads us down are right and good. They also bring honor to His Name. If we are followers of Jesus, then the choices we make can either bring honor or dishonor to His Name. I hate that this is a reality. Sometimes I want to do something simply because I want to do it. I don’t want to think about if it will bring honor and glory to God. Sometimes it seems so complicated. But it’s really not so complicated. Once we make a choice to follow Him, so many other choices become a natural response.

When I said yes to my husband at our wedding, I also said no to all the other men in the world. And it simplified a lot. My plans for my future include my husband and ruled out the rest. The same is true of following Jesus. When we say yes to Him, we also say no to a host of other things. Mostly we said no to those things which bring death and destruction. And we said yes to the things of God which bring life and purpose.

What decision do you need to make today? Let God guide you along the right path. It will bring honor to His Name and you will find purpose and peace for your journey.


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